Most of the programs are here does not have any real value any more. The only two programs that deserves some real attention is Firoz Chess and Fuzzy-Gammon. They both implements highly capable computer players. They are the results of a past interest in artifical intelligence related to games.

Firoz Chess
Firoz Chess is a chess application capable of playing at a pretty strong level. I started this project because I was, and still am, a miserable chess player. My hope was that by creating a chess program of my own, I might be able to get the hang of this game. But sadly I don't think I have improved much and Firoz is able to beat me without any problems. Firoz requires the .NET 2.0 framework installed, which can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Download program 3.56 MB

Firoz Chess

Initially Fuzzy-Gammon was part of a master thesis on intelligent game agents where the programs purpose was to work as a problem/test domain for an adaptive and intelligent computer player named Fuzzeval based on fuzzy logic and fuzzy control. Fuzzy-Gammon has however turned into more then just a testing environment and it is now a fully working backgammon application that in addition to Fuzzeval offers four other computer opponents. The two strongest of these opponents are neural networks trained by temporal difference able to play at and actually pretty high level. The backgammon program requires the .NET 1.1 framework installed, which can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Download program 1.02 MB


Spacerace is a game for Windows I made during the summer of 2002 because I wanted to learn some basic 3D programming. The game is implemented in C++ using OpenGL as graphical engine and DirectX 8 for the sound. It is a racing game through checkpoints, against the computer opponents. It is featuring random generated track, lots of settings and up to ten computer opponents.

Download program 3.29 MB


Wizards Room (Screen Saver)
This is an OpenGL screen saver. The initial goal with this project was simply to learn how to make a screen saver, as I had newer done that before. But as I got started it kind of grew a little beyond what I had initially planed.

Download program 1.10 MB


Backup Tool
This is a little backup tool that can backup files from one directory to another directory. The program only copies files that have changed since they were last copied to the backup (destination) directory. The program can also scan and delete files from the backup (destination) directory that do no longer exist in the source directory to be backed up. Backup Tool requires the .NET 2.0 framework installed, which can be downloaded from Microsoft

Download program 6.91 KB


This is a simple RSS reader I have made. All feeds are sorted into the same list according to time and all the basic functionality to read feeds and go to the corresponding web page is supported. RssReader requires the .NET 2.0 framework installed, which can be downloaded from Microsoft

Download program 12.5 KB


Heinze Yatzy 2001
Heinze Yatzy 2001 is created in Delphi and is a classical five dice Yatzy game for Windows I made in the summer of 2001. You can play against three computer or human opponents. The main goal for this game was to make a decent artificial intelligence for the computer players. A goal that I feel I reached. I am actually quite happy with the way it turned out. It should however be noted that the user interface could have been a little more polished and that the game is in Danish.

Download program 1.22 MB


Work Time Manager
Work Time Manager is a little program that can run in the system tray counting the hours and days running. This is then used to calculate the average running hours per day. Then if started when turning on the PC, it can be used to indicate ones average working houres. The program requires the .NET 1.1 framework, which can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Download program 3.82 KB

Work Time Manager

LogonSafe (Midlet)
LogonSafe is a little program for Java enabled mobile phones. It allows you to store all those different passwords your have for different sites on the web. The program will when launched ask you for a password. Initial no password is however defined so one can simply press login to enter the program. A different password can of cause be defined from within the program.

Download program 4.44 KB

JarCreator is a simple graphical user interface for the utility program jar.exe. Jar.exe is a command line program that makes it possible to group java class files into one single file. JarCreator itself requires the Java runtime environment. The utility jar.exe ships with the Java SDK.

Download program 16.4 KB

Mail Shutdown
Mail shutdown is a little program that makes it possible to shutdown a Windows PC remotely by sending an e-mail. The program logs into you mail server in intervals, and if it finds a mail from the specified sender and with the specified subject, the PC shuts down. The program is tested on Windows 2000 and XP; I have no idea if it will work on other versions. Further more since many mobile phone companies, make it possible to send SMS to e-mail, it is also possible to shut down a PC by an SMS message. The program will not delete any messages on the mail server, and the max size on e-mails to retrieve can be specified such that large e-mails are ignored.

Download program 979 KB

Milkshape 3D trial reset
This program will help you to find and delete three registry keys Milkshape 3D creates. These keys are used to identify when the trial period is over. Deleting those three keys, and reinstalling Milkshape 3D will renew the trial period. (Tested with version 1.7.0 of Milkshape 3D)

Download program 49.2 KB

I think Spacedock is my second game ever made. It is created in Delphi somewhere around late 1999 or early 2000 if i am not mistaken. The concept is to fly one passenger at a time from a planet, through and asteroid field, and up to a space station before running out of fuel. The spaceship is refilled each time it is docking, and for each successfully delivered passenger, more asteroids spawns. Graphically this game really isn't a masterpiece, but considering it simplicity it is actually a quite decent game in my opinion.

Download program 179 KB


Catcher is created in Delphi and is the first game I ever created. At the time it was finished it was the biggest project I had ever made. I think I created it sometime in 1999 (we all have to start somewhere you know). The game is about catching a nut (or whatever it is) falling from the top. As you keep catching more nuts, the speed will increase. Further more a computer chip will sometimes spawn randomly. Clicking it will generate a bonus. Graphically and game play wise, this game really isn't much to talk about. It is pure and simply ugly, and not really fun at all.

Download program 146 KB


SQL Trainer
SQL Trainer is a simple database program that makes it possible to create and manipulate databases. Its purpose is to give people the possibility to train SQL syntax. The program requires the Borland database engine (BDE) which ships with Borland Delphi and Borland C++ builder.

Download program 198 KB